Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Urban originals & Wish stock

Hey all you bloggers out there.

Once again I am updating you on all the new trends and fashion crazes. With Autumm leaving and winter appearing we thought we would let in on some little fashion secrets. With the new stock we are bringing in it's all about the beautiful array of soft pinks, whites, creams, blues and greys. You will fit in smashingly with preety free flowing dresses and blouses. Dont forget to add some browns and blacks in accessories. Speaking of accessories we have some gorgouse new purses, clutches, little off the shoulder bags and some larger hangbags. Which range in grey, black, brown and cream.
These match our new stock wonderfully as these suttle colours compliment our new styles of dresses and blouses without stealing the show.

Our new dresses from wish show that no matter of your age or shape you will look gorgouse in these one of a kinds.

Friday, June 11, 2010

New wISH

So it has been awhile, I have been very busy getting ready for the races season.
Now if you have not come in the shop for a while here is what your missing.

We have beautiful new blouses and dresses coming in all the time, right now we have new Wish stock. The stock that has just arrived has some gorgouse blends of soft pinks, whites and navies. The new fabrics in store show great depth in colour, and make you feel like your floating on a cloud.
You dont want to miss these amazing colours and fabric perfect for the races and for spring which hopefully will be here soon.