Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello All..

Hello Ladies..

I believe it is getting warmer.. Yes? Well I hope so because I can smell the spring fashion just around corner.
This spring I imagine we will be seeing quiet a lot of colours. Simple threads and gorgouse accessories will fit you perfect ready for anything.

Come check out the shop and see all the latest trends and styles.
Watch closely as Erin is busy sewing away to bring you the most beautiful and fresh designs, colours all ready for you to take away to a happy home. :)

Til next time preety ladies.

Val Haala x0x

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Wish , I.D.S & Maurie & Eve. x0x

Hello Ladies. .

Updating you on whats new in our beautiful store Val Haala.
We have some cute pastal clothing from the lovely label Maurie & Eve, they are going fast so dont hesitate in coming in for a look. :)

Another Label that has being bringing out the goods are I.D.S at fantastic prices they have some very preety basic tops, and jackets and one very pretty in pink dress.. :)

Heres some hot gossip Hot off the Press! New Wish stock just delivered today. Floral dresses and cami's, and gorgouse peach, white and grey items ready to be sold to you!

Some new fashion news for all you bloggers. In our store and from what we have been noticing its all about the colours of soft pink, greys, soft browns, and whites real earthy colours with a splash of sunshine coming from our pinks and whites. You will fit in magnificently outside or inside day or night. dont miss out. :)
Val Haala. x0x