Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Spring Love x0x

Hello Ladies.
No I have not forgotten about you. :) Your always my number one priority.

So now spring has arisen there are lots of new fashion trends hitting stores in particular this one.
We have been getting arrange of beautiful clothing, we have beach wear and beach bags, going out clothing, or just a nice relaxing out fit for a sunday stroll.
The colours to keep an eye on this spring are fresh and vintage.
My favourite is the basic nude, champayne pink colour. You will have seen this in our shop and it is a hit.
Dont forget to keep an eye out on those floral prints which are surfacing again, we all love a splash of colour to brighten our day :)..
Another is the 50's look which has emerged whether it be the cute crop tops coming out, or those gorgouse high waisted pleated pants.
What more would you need.
Come see our gorgouse spring shop and be blown away
Lots of love Val Haala. x0x

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Maurie & Eve

Hello Bloggers.

Well today there is not much to say, I have decided to let the clothes do the talking and speak for themselves, and do they ever know how to make a statement.

We have hit a windy day, but to brighten up those chilled bodies we have the unmasking of Maurie & Eve and their beautiful range of Black and white, this leaves a stamp on the fashion world with a clean, fresh impact. To follow on is the Grey and white tops and then our beautiful bold black and gold which personally to me is always a winner. What more do i need to say and what more do you need.
Truly magnificent.
Have a peek at the photos and be ready to be blown away.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New WIsh & Dulcie Nell

Well Well Well..
We meet again and under such great pretences. :) We have such beautiful spring fashion stock floating whiskfully..
To update you on what has been happening in our shop, we have just completed another showing in a fashion parade this time it was the Metro Ala Mode show which Val Haalas clothes went off with a big bang definatly stole the show on those lovely models... <3

Another thing which has been happening is the awakening off spring colours, fresh, free flowing fabrics, it is all about Khaki, grey, pink, and white.. Touch a splash of colour and your ready for an adventure. .

Not only do we have these beautiful blouses and dresses we also have a pleather of sale items ready to be bought and taken to a loving home.. Like yours :)..
Enjoy till next time
Val Haala x0x

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello All..

Hello Ladies..

I believe it is getting warmer.. Yes? Well I hope so because I can smell the spring fashion just around corner.
This spring I imagine we will be seeing quiet a lot of colours. Simple threads and gorgouse accessories will fit you perfect ready for anything.

Come check out the shop and see all the latest trends and styles.
Watch closely as Erin is busy sewing away to bring you the most beautiful and fresh designs, colours all ready for you to take away to a happy home. :)

Til next time preety ladies.

Val Haala x0x

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Wish , I.D.S & Maurie & Eve. x0x

Hello Ladies. .

Updating you on whats new in our beautiful store Val Haala.
We have some cute pastal clothing from the lovely label Maurie & Eve, they are going fast so dont hesitate in coming in for a look. :)

Another Label that has being bringing out the goods are I.D.S at fantastic prices they have some very preety basic tops, and jackets and one very pretty in pink dress.. :)

Heres some hot gossip Hot off the Press! New Wish stock just delivered today. Floral dresses and cami's, and gorgouse peach, white and grey items ready to be sold to you!

Some new fashion news for all you bloggers. In our store and from what we have been noticing its all about the colours of soft pink, greys, soft browns, and whites real earthy colours with a splash of sunshine coming from our pinks and whites. You will fit in magnificently outside or inside day or night. dont miss out. :)
Val Haala. x0x

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Urban originals & Wish stock

Hey all you bloggers out there.

Once again I am updating you on all the new trends and fashion crazes. With Autumm leaving and winter appearing we thought we would let in on some little fashion secrets. With the new stock we are bringing in it's all about the beautiful array of soft pinks, whites, creams, blues and greys. You will fit in smashingly with preety free flowing dresses and blouses. Dont forget to add some browns and blacks in accessories. Speaking of accessories we have some gorgouse new purses, clutches, little off the shoulder bags and some larger hangbags. Which range in grey, black, brown and cream.
These match our new stock wonderfully as these suttle colours compliment our new styles of dresses and blouses without stealing the show.

Our new dresses from wish show that no matter of your age or shape you will look gorgouse in these one of a kinds.

Friday, June 11, 2010