Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Spring Love x0x

Hello Ladies.
No I have not forgotten about you. :) Your always my number one priority.

So now spring has arisen there are lots of new fashion trends hitting stores in particular this one.
We have been getting arrange of beautiful clothing, we have beach wear and beach bags, going out clothing, or just a nice relaxing out fit for a sunday stroll.
The colours to keep an eye on this spring are fresh and vintage.
My favourite is the basic nude, champayne pink colour. You will have seen this in our shop and it is a hit.
Dont forget to keep an eye out on those floral prints which are surfacing again, we all love a splash of colour to brighten our day :)..
Another is the 50's look which has emerged whether it be the cute crop tops coming out, or those gorgouse high waisted pleated pants.
What more would you need.
Come see our gorgouse spring shop and be blown away
Lots of love Val Haala. x0x

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