Friday, April 23, 2010

New Cooper St / living doll/ wish

Strap on your heels and get ready to be taken upon a fantastic journey filled with all the latest trends, colours and frocks.

As we all know races season will be commencing anytime now, Im ready! Are you ? We have some beautiful dresses and tops all ready to be worn for any occassion, come in and see us, or order online as you dont want to miss out .

This colourful garment is perfect for all those girls out there that love a splash of colour to lighten your day :).. this can be worn for any occassion you like, with a pair of tights or nice pair of strappy heels. Amazing !!

Anoter fabulous top, fitted with jeans or tights for winter great for a night of dining or dancing, dont miss out on this differnt design.

Remeber those colours I mentioned earlier, this dress is even more stunning in person, its so sweet how could you resist

Here are some dresses and blouses/tops that will be entering our store soon, check them out :)

There are also some new arrivals of Living Doll we'd love it if you would drop by and have a looksie see if there is anything you would like :)

sincerly Val Haala x0x

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