Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Living Doll and Wish

Goodmorning/ evening Ladies.

So as I said in the last blog we had some more new Wish stock flying in and also new Living doll.
Unfortunately I do not have pictures right now, will have some soon.
First off to kick start the day, we have some cutsie Living Doll blouses and dresses, all at an excellent price and ready for all occassions.

Next is the beautiful garments Wish have so politely dropped in for us :). Some beautiful dresses and tops these photos are up on our last blog. We have the very sweet strapless baby pink dress, Brown and white patterned dress and some very preety flowy tops to finish you off which can be worn with jeans, tights, heels or anything that tickles your tastebuds for fashion.

Lastly but not least, Shilla stock which will be amazing, is arriving today, we cannot wait to see these garments, if your stuck for outfits you wont be after visiting our store.
Enjoy your day ladies and we hope to see you soon.

x0x Val Haala.

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